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Manufacturers Buyback Deceptions

Many consumers will run into the dealer or the automobile manufacturer telling them “your vehicle history qualifies for us to take the vehicle back”. Does this mean and guarantee a LEMON LAW BUYBACK and “branded” title? No.

Automobile manufacturers don’t want to buy back vehicles under the California lemon law. They don’t want to title them LEMON LAW BUYBACKas it so greatly discounts their value. Therefore, automobile manufacturers can get very “creative” with the wording and paperwork they use to re-acquire a vehicle.

A manufacturer may say “we are going to take your car back and the dealer will put you into another one”. Is this a LEMON LAW BUYBACK? No. This is a “trade assist”, and is nothing more than trading in your present vehicle on another one, with possibly some nominal financial assistance offered by the manufacturer.

A manufacturer may say “we are going to replace your vehicle with another new one”, and call it a “goodwill” replacement, in an attempt to eliminate the need to title the vehicle LEMON LAW BUYBACKwith “branding” and disclosure requirements.

For a lemon law claim in California to be properly done, a California lemon law attorney should be employed. The attorney makes sure the vehicle’s title is properly “branded”.

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