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Re-selling Buyback Vehicles

As there are two types of “buyback” vehicles, there are two different ways they can be sold.

LEMON LAW BUYBACK branded title vehicles: 

These vehicles have been properly repurchased by the automobile manufacturer pursuant to state lemon laws. The title is “branded” LEMON LAW BUYBACK, a disclosure is given with the title as to the defects that made it a “lemon”, and a warranty to cover repairs for defects to these systems/components/symptoms should they return within a year.

When the automobile dealer takes title and possession of the vehicle, and then offers it for sale, documentation is provided to the customer that the vehicle is a LEMON LAW BUYBACK. The consumer is given a disclosure form, and a copy of the warranty. Often the “BUYERS GUIDE” label that is affixed to the used vehicles side window glass will disclose the vehicle’s LEMON LAW BUYBACK status. On buying a LEMON LAW BUYBACK vehicle, consumers should know that some lending institutions will not finance or re-lease buyback titled vehicles.

“GOODWILL REPURCHASE” re-sold vehicles:

In this scenario you have no idea if the vehicle has had problems or major defects, or if it is a “lemon”, since the vehicle was not repurchased by the manufacturer pursuant to state lemon laws – they took it back as a “gesture of goodwill” (or equivalent). Consumers should always request a “warranty repair history printout” of the vehicle they are considering buying used, as this will show if the vehicle has had a trouble-free repair history, or was problematic for the previous owner(s).

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