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Phony Buybacks

All too often unscrupulous car dealers will deceptively tell a consumer “we can get your car bought back” and “we will get you a buyback”, when in reality all they are doing is setting you up to trade-in your present “lemon” car for a new one, using the “trigger” word of “buyback” to cloak the real transaction, which is nothing more than the retail sale of another new vehicle.

Service department personnel can communicate with the Sales Department, “alerting” them to customers who are using words like “lemon law” and “buyback” in the service drive. This can trigger the “window of opportunity” to the New Car Sales Department.

If you have ever mentioned words or phrases like “I want a buyback” or “my car is lemon” or “I don’t want this vehicle anymore” (or equivalent), and then you coincidentally get a call from the dealership management that they are going to “get you out of your car” – WATCH OUT. This is all-to-often the lead-in to the “dealer trade assist” trap.

Remember, automobile dealers do not buy back your vehicle. The automobile manufacturer does.

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