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This is a vehicle that was repurchased by the automobile manufacturer pursuant to state lemon laws for warranty non-conformities. Lemon law buybacks are typically facilitated by lemon law attorneys on behalf of consumers.

These “buyback” vehicles are typically re-sold through dealer or vendor-sponsored auto auctions, ending up being offered for retail sale to consumers on the used car lots of franchised new car dealers, or “independent” dealer used car lots.

Each vehicle available for sale must have disclosure documents for the consumers review stating that the vehicle was a “Lemon Law Buyback”, and the problems/defects/symptoms that made it a “lemon”.  The vehicle will also have a ownership title that is branded “Lemon Law Buyback”.

These “Lemon Law Buyback” vehicles also come with a warranty from the automobile manufacturer that states that the problems/systems that caused it to become a “lemon” have been corrected, and that those same systems are warranted to be free from defects for 1 year.

Some vehicles represented for sale as “Lemon Law Buybacks” are in fact not “Lemon Law Buybacks” at all! These are “Reacquired Vehicles”. Please see the section of this website titled “Lemon Law Buybacks” vs. “Reacquired Vehicles”. It is very important that consumers understand the difference.

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