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There are 2 types of Lemon Law Buybacks...

LEMON LAW BUYBACKvs. “goodwill repurchase”

Buybacks can be done in two different ways, and it is vitally important that a consumer understands the important differences between them.

Buyback Type 1:  This is the correct, and desired “lemon law buyback”. The automobile manufacturer repurchases the vehicle from the consumer for defects that “substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle to the buyer”. The vehicle’s title is permanently “branded” with the words “LEMON LAW BUYBACK”. The manufacturer must correct the defects that made it a “lemon”, provide a written one year warranty that the defects (warranty non-conformities) have been remedied, and an attendant disclosure form. This type of buyback is what the consumer wants, as when the vehicle is re-sold, the manufacturer was the last owner and has warranted the vehicle to be free of defects. Otherwise, if not branded LEMON LAW BUYBACK, the car can be re-sold without divulging its history to subsequent buyers. There is also the potential for a non-“branded” title vehicle to be involved in an accident, and the new owner sues the old owner. A “branded” title insulates the previous owner, and let’s the manufacturer take the 1st- order responsibility. This type of buyback is facilitated by a California lemon law attorney.

Buyback Type 2: This is the type of “buyback” the automobile manufacturer would like consumers to participate in. This is not what the consumer wants. The “buyback” is written up as “goodwill repurchase” or “goodwill buyback”. What does this mean? Simply put, the automobile manufacturer desires to hide and not disclose the vehicle’s problems.  “Goodwill” denotes “we are just buying it back, not because it’s a lemon”. A major automobile manufacturer was sued a few years ago for reselling thousands of buyback vehicles and not branding their title’s “LEMON LAW BUYBACK”, because the vehicles didn’t meet their “criteria” for what defined them to be a “lemon”. 

One can easily see just how important it is for the vehicle to be properly repurchased and the title branded. When a vehicle buyback is instituted by a California lemon law attorney, the title is always “branded” with LEMON LAW BUYBACK.

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